I mean it’s that simple.

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I said gone and own that sh*t. It’s yours. (act right and it’s yours)

3 months ago

#WCW 👰😍 @kimkardashian Kimberly Kardashian West

4 months ago

Watching you. Nigga.

5 months ago

Girl whet?! 😌

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@ceooftace @ceooftace @ceooftace @ceooftace @ceooftace @ceooftace

6 months ago

Baby sis playing in my #Jovani #PromDress from #2006. This dress could still kill it in #2014 😍

7 months ago

Happy Birthday to my sis @tamarbraxtonher !!!!! 😍😍#WontHeDoIt #YESHEWILL I’m so proud of you!!! #Tamartian you are such an inspiration 🎁🎋🎉🎊🎈💝

7 months ago

Plan sleep by 9:30 is in full affect. Phase one: Wear them out! 😌

7 months ago

😍 @jheneaiko bae on vacation

7 months ago

#oneday #leonation

7 months ago

Walked in to my parents room…caught mom dukes slippin. The evidence of her morning is clear…glasses and all…❤️

7 months ago

I’m obsessed with this game! This is a Tamar inspired look!

8 months ago

I wanna go. 😩 who’s down for this trip?!

8 months ago

I can say this V-Day that I thankful and love my family and self unconditionally, and that is ALL that matters. #goodnight 😍

8 months ago